IMG_20150115_123045I am Associate Professor at Pratt Institute’s School of Information and Coordinator of Digital Humanities and Program Coordinator of Data Analytics & Visualization. I received my PhD in Philosophy from the City University of New York with a doctoral certificate in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. I studied ethics, mind, and language.

At Pratt, I teach graduate courses in digital humanities, information visualization, critical theory, and community building and engagement. My research applies visualization and network science to humanities datasets, especially those chronicling the history of philosophy. I have also published articles on citation studies in the humanities; the connection between digital humanities, libraries, and cultural heritage institutions; the politics of technology; and ethical and activist uses of visualization.

My favorite philosopher is John Dewey, but I think Hobbes is elegant and Hegel, underappreciated. I work at the school that Pamela Colman Smith attended.

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