INFO 601 Foundations of Information – Syllabi
This first-semester seminar course introduces students to the interrelationships of information, people, and technology. My section is taught from a critical perspective, which attends to structures power in our concepts, actions, and social systems.

INFO 658 Information Visualization – Syllabi
This hands-on course introduces students to the art, science, and practice of information visualization. Through labs and projects, students learn to transform data into meaningful and effective visualizations using current tools and software.

INFO 657 Digital HumanitiesSyllabi
This survey of digital humanities orients students to the history of, critical debates in, and disciplinary approaches to the field. Special emphasis is placed on the role of information professionals.

INFO 659 Advanced Projects in Digital Humanities – Syllabi
This course invites students to conceive and undertake a collaborative project in the digital humanities. Past examples include a text analysis of surveillance discussions, discourse analysis of “fake news,” and countermapping plants and their use by Native peoples.

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